RAMIT – The Problem

Our education system today utterly dismisses the passions and strengths of the students, just as much as their struggles.

Currently, our avowed purpose for “education” is to make our people able to “compete for jobs.”  We stamp out the entrepreneurial spirit for 24,000 hours in K-12; another 8,000 hours in college (with plenty of debt to show for it). In 32,000 hours of your young life, no one ever asks you, “What do you love and how can we help you to do it?”

Entrepreneurs create most of the new jobs in the world, while oligarchic oldsters churn jobs. “Education,” conducted like “entrepreneurship” at its best, can transform the world through the passionate, collaborative efforts of free, brave, thinking people, all boldy being the change they wish to see.

Ayn Rand meets Mahatma Gandhi

The big lies school tells include: first, that hard work will set you free and second, in a related lie, that he who works hardest gets the best grades, and thus the best future and life. School piously declares that you compete on a level playing field, where your goal is to beat out every other single player by out-obeying, out-memorizing and out-regurgitating them all. Winning in this game in this way will make you a hero—your best you! Logically then, by the end, you must be a winning job-seeker as you surge brightly forth into the world to compete for the chance to be paid to be told what to do. The goal of this system is to make us docile job-seekers, not creators, let alone job-creators.

My handy acronym for this is


the goal of which is brutal and sub-optimal for people and for economic growth.

Alas, RAMIT — as in, ram in content for 16 years and people will have gotten an education. Or, more specifically, RegurgitateAcculturate, and Memorize, while you are Isolated and Threatened

You will not be a winner in the education system today if you want to trust your own mind, think for yourself, question what the authorities say, have an opinion or put someone else’s success above your own. No ‘A’s for you!

Memorizing chunk after chunk of approved curriculum is theoretically how everyone becomes a productive adult, ready to seek a job and beat out the other job-seekers. This approved curriculum is supposedly delivered and added to a student’s existing knowledge in order, like a manufacturer installing a car’s chassis, Eventually, you will have gotten your education. This compilation of content is presumed to permanently reside in your brain, always at the ready for you to use in whatever wage-slave job you can beat out everyone else for. Of course we forget almost all of it. How could we not?

RAMIT will continue to fail us.

It was for another age, and it’s impersonal.

The systems answer to personalization, to new wealth, to courage, kindness, and real thinking is SPIRITed learning.



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