I hated school for years. I was a fat girl with thick glasses, smart and not pretty—that was the trifecta
of not popular.

Janis Ian sang it best:

“At seventeen you learn the truth:

that love is meant for beauty

not ugly duckling girls like me.”

I was the Valedictorian at my little high school in Steel Valley, Pennsylvania. I was the supposed winner in the game of ‘getting your education’, the one who got all ‘A’s, but I was picked last in every phys-ed class and no one ever slow-danced with me. Three great teachers, outside activities and a free-thinking Dad with a library in his bar saved me, but that is another story.

Our education system today utterly dismisses the passions and strengths of the students, just as much as their struggles.

Are you lonely? Unfulfilled? Irrelevant. You are a number to put through the formula of education, with the goal of producing a predetermined end result. School is not meant to set
you free. It is a cage that stifles GIINIUS while we are young, innocent, and vulnerable. It is time for us all to bust out of this cage.

The big lies school tells include: first, that hard work will set you free and second, in a related lie, that he who works hardest gets the best grades, and thus the best future and life. School piously declares that you compete on a level playing field, where your goal is to beat out every other single player by out-obeying, out-memorizing and out-regurgitating them all. Winning in this game in this way will make you a hero—your best you! Logically then, by the end, you must be a winning job-seeker as you surge brightly forth into the world to compete for the chance to be paid to be told what to do. The goal of this system is to make us docile job-seekers, not creators, let alone job-creators.

My handy acronym for this is


the goal of which is brutal and sub-optimal for people and for economic growth.

Alas, RAMIT—as in, ram in content for 16 years and people will have gotten an education. You will not be a winner in the education system today if you want to trust your own mind, think for yourself, question what the authorities say, have an opinion or put someone else’s success above your own. No ‘A’s for you!

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